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Are you looking for a fun and engaging bubble magician to entertain your guests for your Children's event? With great skill, personality and being the best-dressed bubble magician in London, I’m the right children's entertainer for your event.

  • Unique and fun bubble magician that children and parents will enjoy
  • Having a fun, bubbly personality that will make your guests smile
  • Humorous magic bubble show that will engage your audience
  • Dressed like a real magician – the best in London
  • I got a lot of positive feedback – these people were delighted
  • Do not be afraid, when I'm finish, the floor in your home will still be dry and clean.
  • You do not have much space? Do not worry, I can do my show even in the kitchen or hallway.

I have showed my bubbles in:
schools, kindergartens, hospitals, parades, events for big and small corporations, Christmas parties, and at Birthdays where I give every child a bubble while singing “Happy birthday To You” as they smile and laugh.

When the bubble is in the hands, real magic happens.

I'm a master of entertaining my audience, with my fun, bubbly personality. Being a children's birthday magician, I will give your guests an experience to remember with my impressive bubble skills.

With enough variety to keep your guests entertained, I can cater to your needs, with a normal act lasting around one hour. My fun and exciting magic bubble show creates enormous bubbles that can spread metres wide, smoke bubbles that are visually stunning and exciting, and I have the ability to encapsulate a whole person inside a bubble.

The most exciting moment is when I put on special glasses to make a bubble that will turn into fire on my palm right now! Children and parents alike will have a lot of fun in any setting with this magic bubble show. I cater to your needs - I can provide my fun, exciting act inside a building or outside in a garden.

A bubble magician is perfect for any children’s event, such as birthday parties. With years of experience under my belt, I have perfected my craft and really know how to entertain your guests to ensure they have a fun, exciting time.

With a bright, fun personality to complement my bubble show act, I always provide a thrilling magic bubble show that your children will really enjoy and remember for years to come.

If you're organizing an event and need some action, do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help and lead you through a joint event for every occasion.

Write and book me to do a show in your home!
If you have questions, it will be a pleasure to be able to answer them.